Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

is a Colombian Electronics Engineer, Digital Artist and Music Producer, and Setian Executive and Creative Director. Since 2006 he had created immersive environments, stage design and electronic music instruments, for different kinds of interactive experiences and shows. Blending art and technology, Sebastian developed a computer vision system for motion tracking of dancers on stage, translating their movements into generative sound and visuals. His artworks have been presented in events such as Plataforma Berlin, Sonar Festival Barcelona, Flussi Festival Napoles, Merge at CPR Brooklyn NY, Visual Brasil Barcelona, ArtBo Bogotá, Cosmo Caixa Barcelona and the National Museum of Bogota among others.

As electronic music producer, his most recent project, Lumen Club, takes elements from Melodic and Progressive House to create evolving atmospheres that blends with original lyrics.


is an electronics studio, by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon, focused on immersive experience design, interactive art, audiovisual content, and sound design.

Our developments are focused on the user-participant, seeking to generate unique, fun and transformative experiences, which manage to convey the message and the sensation in a more intense way.

From theme parks with interactive experiences, to augmented reality systems with artificial intelligence or live shows with performance and video mapping. The possibilities are endless.

Full portfolio of works at http://setianworks.net/sebastian/portfolio

CV / Resume

Instagram: @sebastiangonzalezdixon

Lumen Club is available in Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, SoundCloud and Bandcamp

Lumen Club web site: http://lumenclub.co

Instagram and Facebook: @lumenclub.music